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Insurance Information

Insurance Information

SVDC accepts all dental plans that allow you to choose your own dental care provider. Our primary concern is your dental health and providing you with all the options currently available for treating your dental needs. By limiting the number of "networks" we contract with, we are able to provide you with quality care without restrictions from insurance companies. Most of our patients experience a minimal difference in co-pays between our office and "network providers" that are often located several miles away.

Our office is a contracted provider for:

  • Delta Dental Premier Network
  • Health Resources, Inc.
  • Healthy Indiana Plan

Our office will gladly file your dental claim for any benefits you have available.   Any deductibles or copays not expected to be covered by your insurance will be due at the time services are provided.  We will make every attempt to obtain your current benefits from your insurance company.  However, all policies have their own limitations and restrictions that may not be known to us at the time of service.  Therefore, you may have a balance remaining even after your insurance company pays their portion.  If you prefer, we will gladly send a pre-determination to your insurance company and obtain benefits prior to your treatment.